Pokut Yaylası

Escape from the chaos of city life, its noise and its stress. Leave all that behind in the village of clouds that is Pokut.

Our guest house, Pokut Doğa Konukevi, is 2000 metres above Çamlıhemşin in an unspoilt oasis of traditional wooden houses dating back 250 years. Until recently, cowherds used to take their cattle to fertile summer pastures in Pokut with its clean and innocent air.

Discover the beautiful habitat that surrounds our village. Walk the same paths    our ancestors made that wind through pine forests.



Visit nearby villages such as Sal, or go to further afield to Hazindağ some 11 km away. Enjoy the diverse flora and fauna around us. Climb the mountain ridge behind our guest house to see the mesmerising lake of clouds beneath the sunset.


After your visit return to Çamlıhemşin, where other attractions are not far away. There is the castle Zil Kale, and stone arched antique bridges to marvel at. Fırtına valley that passes through the town has been designated as one of the world’s top 200 nature reserves deserving protection by the World Culture and Nature Heritage.


And as you take your leave of this memorable place, we hope you will visit us again another time.


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